Hello!I'm Nat Martin, a first year medical illustration student at the Rochester Institute of Technology and comics enthusiast. I tend to write either romance or horror (sometimes both at the same time) and enjoy putting a lot more detail into drawings than necessary.Currently working on :
Milwaukee Protocol, a horror comic based on the rabies virus
Contact me at
[email protected]

Temperance, 2023. Digital illustration.

The Emperor, 2023. Digital illustration.

Spill Your Guts, 2023. Digital illustration.

Harpertech, 2023. Digital illustration.

Liver transplant, 2022. Digital photo study.

Playing Possum, 2023. Digital photo study.

Villaintines cover variant, 2023. Digital illustration.

Villaintines cover variant, 2023. Digital illustration.

Villaintines is a comic created for the upcoming 2023 Shortbox Comics Fair.
It follows two vigilantes, Sundance and Hailstorm, as they try to separate their superhero lives and civilian lives- and fail miserably when mechanical dinosaurs attack the city on the same night as their first date.

Read the full thing at https://www.shortboxcomicsfair.com this October!

Nematomorpha is a short horror comic created for the 2022 Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo. It was based on experiences with chronic wrist injury.
CONTENT WARNINGS: parasites, self-injury, mind control

A handful of pages from a 2022 Honors Biology project about celiac disease.